Refund Policy

Updated Refund/Replacement Policy


If your item arrives damaged in the mail you're eligible for a refund or replacement at no extra cost to you. It should never be your fault for the way it was delivered.

We have a 60 day warranty on all of our items.

If any of our items have issues such as tarnishing, within those 60 days we will replace them with request. Because our jewelry is good quality this shouldn't happen, however if it does, just reach out and we'll be happy to exchange a new one for you. 

Cancelling orders / changing address.

If you need your address changed please email us ASAP. Once we ship the item out there's nothing we can do. You might be able to call the FEDEX company and redirect it.


If there's any other reason you feel you'd need a refund or replacement don't hesitate to email us at